david gil (born March 20th 1978) is a French-Colombian pluridisciplinary artist. His art questions the vanishing intersection between artistic mediums of expression and displays a preoccupation with our perception of reality. “My body or work confronts the spectator’s mind to a reality which coexists with ours but that we fail to see”. His captivating aesthetics have been described as daring, challenging and disturbing.

During the XXth Festival of Hyères in 2005, his violent elegance and shock tactics caused extremely divergent views with an explosive haute couture performance during which a model suddenly blew up in the middle of the runway like a kamikaze. “I wanted to capture the identity of a time in history.” david received two awards with the unanimous recognition of both the public and professionals.

One year later, he was given Carte Blanche by French Ministry of Culture and Communication for What is Real?, installation in the windows of the Palais Royal in Paris. Then followed multiple collaborative artworks and exhibitions in art institutions in France, England and the United States.

During Liverpool’s year as European Capital of Culture david proposed the Social Condom (2006) latex sculpture meant as method of prevention against the infection provoked by the virus of egoism. Portrait of my Time (2007), performed during Art Basel Miami Beach in the Wynwood Art District, questions the second amendment to the United States Constitution and stages André Breton’s simplest surrealist act “consisting in going into the street with revolvers in your fist and shooting blindly into the crowd as much as possible.”

Color Theory (2011) question the most televised catastrophes in history taking place in a society showing symptoms of clinical substance abuse to television. Unwanted (2012) targets “everyone’s right to live” and abortion. His version of Hansel and Gretel (2008) stages food distribution in the world where starvation and obesity are contemporary neighbors.

As soon as 2003, david began collaborations with corporate creative incubators such as 15 Rue de la Paix British luxury brand Alfred Dunhill Heritage Store, ... a moment in ... for Antwerp’s underground bvba 32 owner of Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackerman and most recently, also with a Carte Blanche by LVMH - Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s leading luxury group.

Today, david is currently working on his first feature art-film staging the collapse of the American dream using French psychoanalyst Jacque Lacan’s definition of Foreclosure. He is also engaged on a series of choreographic workshops in collaboration with individuals affected by Huntington’s Chorea, neurodegenerative disorder affecting the movements of the body in a sort of incontrollable, conscious and eventually deadly dance.

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